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The Aarons story

Aaron Giddings was 21 years old when he started building dog kennels in his parents’ garage to sell to local nurseries and pet shops. Busy during winter, but quieter during the hotter months, Aaron added cubbies to his range to sell over summer and Christmas, keeping him busy year-round.  25 years later, Aarons is a well-known retail brand with 11 stores which supply quality timber Backyard Rooms, Cubbies, Lifestyle and Outdoor Entertaining products to thousands of homeowners around Australia.

In 2015, Aarons began supplying a range of specifically designed timber play equipment to the Early Learning sector, after realising that the availability of safety certified play products, in terms of affordability, was scarce.  And with the recent popularity of natural play environments due to the positive behavioural influences they can provide, we’ve made sure to manufacture our products from local, sustainable, kid friendly, termite resistant timber, which has made Aarons ELC range a best seller all over Australia.

The Playscapes team

Around the same time as Aarons ELC range was gaining popularity, Aaron met Matthew Carr, who was working within the landscaping industry importing, supplying and installing Synthetic Grass.  Matt started selling grass within the Aarons Outdoor Living stores and they both soon realised that ELC’s were purchasing Aarons Safety Certified products and surfacing for under the play equipment, including grass, soft-fall rubber and mulch.  When these same ELC’s started asking for other ‘landscaping’ works, like garden beds, walkways, stepping stones and more, Aarons Playscapes was born…

Aarons Playscapes has since transformed hundreds of Early Learning Centres and worked with some of the largest Childcare brands in Australia.  We can renovate and refurbish tired Centres to make them new again, or we can offer the full service, turning a large piece of dirt into an amazing play area for hundreds of happy children.

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