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Playscape elements

Whether your Centre’s play area is indoor or outdoors, Aarons Playscapes have a huge array of landscaping and play products for your ELC, based around the following themes:

Natural playspaces allow children of all ages and abilities to be spontaneous, active and creative.
 activities help children make sense of the world around them, engaging in new experiences and environments.
Physical activities that include crawling, jumping, or running to raise a child’s heart rate and will build confidence and strength and improve coordination.
Creative activities, so children can create things from personal feelings and experiences, openly and without judgement, can reflect and nurture children’s emotional health.
Sports activities help develop higher-order cognitive skills, the ability to think critically and assists mental and emotional development.

Fun, imaginative play equipment

Outdoor play time is always the best time.  Kids love getting together and having fun. Outdoor play time is also an essential part of a child’s learning and can help build on their vital life skills.

Imaginative play helps with emotional and social development through the act of sharing and grappling with various feelings and thoughts. It also benefits self-esteem by giving children a world of their own that relaxes them and can even provide them with skills they’ll use later in life, such as teamwork and creative problem solving.

At Aarons, we are committed to providing children with safe and educational play equipment that will nurture and develop these important skills.  So here are some great play ideas using Aarons products to help the children in your care learn through fun.

Each product has been certified to meet Australian Safety Standards AS 4685:2014, so you can be assured that you are purchasing quality products, but more importantly, safe products that meet all the entrapment and safety regulations required by law.

Ground surfacing

When providing a safe environment for your children to play in, the surface on which they play is particularly important.

We all know that from time to time children will accidentally fall from even the safest piece of equipment when playing. The purpose of safer playground surfacing is to cushion the impact of a child’s accidental fall and reduce the severity of an injury.

Aarons Playscapes offer surfacing which not only provides a safe platform for equipment, but also looks visually attractive. The surfacing we provide includes artifical grass, softfall/wet pour rubber and loose fill mulch.


The most important reason to provide playground shade structures is to help provide some form of protection against UV rays. In addition to sun protection, shade structures are also important because they provide relief from the heat, important for children playing outside on hot days, but they also reduce the potential for severe burns from exposed hot surfaces.

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