Shade Options

Shade sails

Custom made to suit your play areas, shade sails are made from a breathable fabric that allows fresh air to circulate beneath providing a comfortable, cool and well-ventilated space ideal for hot summer days.  The fabric has UV inhibitors that prevent harmful rays from penetrating the fabric, offering up to 98% protection.

Although not rainproof, the do provide limited shelter from a light drizzle, so will not protect items sensitive to water.

Bali huts & African thatches

With solid timber posts and treated pine frame, Aarons Bali Huts and African Thatches are completely waterproof.  The 30-degree pitch roof frame ensures that water runs straight off the roof and away from any items underneath. The natural grass roofing allows air to flow through, keeping the area cooler in summer (up to 10 degrees) and warmer in winter.

Either thatch option can be made to any size and can have a deck added for a stage or reading nook. Alternatively, you can surround the base with sandstone blocks for the perfect sandpit.

When newly installed, the natural Alang Alang grass roof of a Bali Hut has a lovely fresh summer grass smell and when the wind gently moves the grasses, the swishing sound will relax even the wildest kids, creating the perfect backdrop to a sensory garden.

For a visually stunning shade option, a beautiful, natural African Cape Reed tiled roof is strong, long lasting and mostly maintenance free.

Gazebos & Pergolas

If you are wanting a more contemporary, maintenance free shade option that lasts forever, then an Aarons Gazebo or Pergola is perfect.

Aarons Pergolas and Gazebos are made from solid timbers for strength and durability.  Both options come with quality Colorbond® roofing and can be made to any size.  Add a deck for a stage or reading nook, or alternatively, you can surround the base with sandstone blocks for the perfect sandpit.

With its skillion roof design, you can remove the Colorbond from your Pergola and add an Arbour as part of your garden, using the wooden structure to faciltate flora growth such as vines, flowers or other climbing plants.

A Gazebo’s pitched roof design allows air to move freely. Aarons Gazebos help to keep your outdoor entertaining area cooler in summer and provide great shelter in the cooler months.  Extra space overhead allows room for lights and fans.

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